For over 10 years DataIntent has supported companies in establishing their Master Data Governance across all the disciplines involved including process and policy, data quality monitoring, and organizational development.

In our experience, a common weak link in governance is an organization’s inability to effectively manage knowledge for master data.

Therefore, we are focusing our business to assist governance organizations to address this key early step in data governance.

For more than 10 years we have used applications to assist in knowledge management for standards. We are now selling the application on both SharePoint and ServiceNow platforms.

RuleBase is not simply a process document or a metadata repository, but a complete view of the master data, field by field including background, strategy for correct use, governance, and >60 other “attributes” of a standard needed to provide data stability together with business agility in a rapidly deployable and user friendly database that is under your control.

RuleBase is now available as a certified application for the ServiceNow platform. Please visit RuleBase on the ServiceNow Store for additional information

Richard A. King