RuleBase is a structured approach for organizing your data standards, and business glossaries.


RuleBase helps to solve the problem of knowledge loss by providing a highly structured approach to aggregating knowledge into a single source of truth for knowledge that every organization needs to know about their data so that it can be used to support every application, project and user.

Key Features:

  • RuleBase is cost effective because it leverages ServiceNow standard functionality for APIs, Security, workflow analytics and much more.

  • RuleBase Provides Single standardized and security controlled source of truth ABOUT your data (technical and business metadata) visible to everyone in your corporation.

  • RuleBase is designed to be "Data Steward Manageable" with little external help required.

  • Collaboration is managed via workflow or journals or KM (ServiceNow® Knowledge Management to fit your work habits.

  • Dashboards monitoring quality are based on easily configurable ServiceNow® features.

  • RuleBase is customizable for your business culture and business language!


System Requirements:

  • ServiceNow Baseline implementation

  • Knowledge Management is not required, but recommended for handling related unstructured content.

  • For information on our SharePoint® templates for RuleBase, please contact us at



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