RuleBase leveraged approach


We have observed well managed standards are common weak link in Master Data Governance.


RuleBase provides a structured approach to documenting standards in a way that can be tracked to ensure successful collaboration.



RuleBase Background:

Our philosophy on data dictionaries:

  • Dictionaries should be technically lightweight: save the budget for adding rich content

    • RuleBase the APP is built on the platforms you are using today: SharePoint, Office 365, or ServiceNow. We can build on other common platforms if needed.

    • Easy to use and fully adaptable to your business language and needs.

    • Expands for non-SAP master data using the same schema.

    • Security, workflow and upgrades become part of your normal process for managing your intranet.

    • Reduces technical training for RuleBase management; can get to work faster.


Richard A. King