RuleBase Background:

Our philosophy on data dictionaries:​

  • Dictionaries should be technically lightweight: save the budget for adding rich content

    • RuleBase the APP is built on the platforms you are using today: SharePoint, Office 365, or ServiceNow. We can build on other common platforms if needed.

    • Easy to use and fully adaptable to your business language and needs.

    • Expands for non-SAP master data using the same schema

    • Security, workflow and upgrades become part of your normal process for managing your intranet.

    • Reduces technical training for RuleBase management; can get to work faster.

  • Your Master Data Standards should serve both business and IT in all regions and all businesses as otherwise you will still end up with multiple incomplete knowledge sources over time.

    • This means its 150% of what any one group needs, but 90% of all that’s needed comes right out of the box.

  • The dictionary should easily integrate with everything where knowledge about master data needs to be exposed.

    • RuleBase on either platform is designed to allow for an easy integratable solution for your data create and change workflows, training documentation.

    • Easily provide a rich knowledge extension to Info Stewards’ Metapedia that everyone can access without training and licensing in IS.


If you already have rules and standards in Excel, then exposing the standards to everyone in an easily consumable app is quick and relatively painless.


If you are starting from scratch, then RuleBase can provide the framework for gathering your master data knowledge into one place for collaboration and approval.

Leveraging PaaS to lower costs / maximize functionality / common UI

RuleBase is a structured approach for organizing your data standards, and business glossaries.

RuleBase 6.0 helps to solve the problem of knowledge loss when there are reorganizations, acquisitions, layoffs, retirements of key data knowledge by providing a highly structured approach to aggregating knowledge into a single source of truth for knowledge that every organization needs to know about their data.

While there are stand-alone applications for data governance, providing this application on the ServiceNow Platform, allows for a far more cost-effective solution by:

  • Leveraging existing ServiceNow Functionality for dashboards, workflows, collaboration and with our EASI-LINK” fast connections to Knowledge Management articles.

  • Providing a secure, yet open single source of Data Standard Truth that can be exposed in any application, either in ServiceNow, or any other workflow, training document, project workplan

  • Standards and controls are all based on an easily customizable, yet standardized platform with >60 preconfigured attributes for technical metadata and teh "business metadata" i.e. master data field strategy, allowed codes and values, ownership maintenance etc.

RuleBase does not implement the data standard, it does provide a system agnostic and structured knowledge management approach for the who, what , when , where, why, how and “because” for all your master data regardless of the platform.

RuleBase is typically "Owned" by the head of Data Governance or MDM, it is intended to be used by anyone in the enterprise needing to understand the technical and business metadata.

Key Features

  • Vs. stand-alone governance platforms, RuleBase (RB) is very cost effective because it leverages ServiceNow standard functionality.

  • RB Provides Single standardized and security controlled source of truth ABOUT your data (technical and business metadata) visible to everyone in your corporation

  • Data Steward Manageable with little external help required

  • Collaboration managed via workflow or journals or KM.

  • SAP technical metadata available for preload

  • Dashboards monitor quality

Customizable for your business culture

Richard A. King